Dride is an driving school company that specializes in teaching driving an help to get certificate to their learning customers..


Our Services

The Classes we Offer

20-hour DUI Risk Reduction Class

Designed to reduce risky alcohol and drug use to prevent future problems.

Defensive Driving Class

Designed to emphasize safe driving skills and reduce risky driving.

Clinical Alcohol and Drug (A&D) Evaluation

This is a clinical interview which typically takes about one hour to complete: we will make a recommendation and referral at the end of the interview.

Clinical Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

A 3-hour per week Substance Abuse Class designed to meet The American Society of Addiction Medicine Level I.


Student Feedback

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Georgia-Mandated Pricing Plans All fees are mandated, and we may not charge more or less. Fees are only subject to change by the Georgia Code.

DUI Risk Reduction Class

20 hours of alcohol and drug abuse classroom education


  • $100 – Assessment Fee.
  • $ 260- Course fee, Including workbook $360.

Defensive Driving Class

6 hours of classroom safe driving instruction.

$95 & 40

  • $95 for any mandated client.
  • $40 for insurance discount only

Clinical Substance Abuse (A&D) Evaluation

1 hour clinical interview and referral.

$143 & 163

  • $143.00 (with current Needs Assessment)
  • $163 (with a New Needs assessment)

Outpatient Level I

3 hour weekly class.

$60 & 20

  • $60 per session
  • $20 per urine drug screen

1 hour clinical interview each time.

DOT Substance Abuse Professional Services.

$250 & 250

  • $250 Intake assessment
  • $250 Return to duty assessment.