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State of Georgia.

DDS Dublin DUI Risk Reduction Program # 5000

DDS Swainsboro DUI Risk Reduction Program # 5002.

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We are a Georgia Certified DUI Risk Reduction and Defensive Driving school.

We have been in continuous operation since 1997.

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Frequently Asked Question

DUI, Alcohol, or Drug Use Risk Reduction is an intervention program mandated by Georgia law. The program is for offenders convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), possession of illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle, or Boating Under the Influence (BUI). It consists of two components: an assessment component and an intervention component. Both components must be completed to obtain a certificate of completion.

You will need to arrive on time and complete each session in order. Students who arrive late to any session can expect to be denied entry into class. Also, students who are absent or leaving early
from any session may need to start the course over again at no cost. Some other schools charge
you another $235. Please consider the course schedule carefully. Consider any potential
scheduling conflicts you may have before signing a contract to attend.

Georgia’s risk reduction course has two components. They are the

(1) Assessment Component (NEEDS Assessment) and the

(2) Intervention Component. Students must complete both to receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • The Assessment Component is completed first. It is a 130-question
    comprehensive screening instrument. It evaluates the extent of an individual’s alcohol and drug use and its impact on driving.
  •  The Intervention Component is administered after completion of the Assessment Component. It is a 20-hour course comprised of several sessions. Several days of lessons take place in a group environment. The Intervention Component offers therapeutic education and peer group counseling. This lesson covers alcohol and drug use and their effects on driving.

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